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Download Ji Tap now and start getting your students excited about their Jewish education!

Engage, inspire and assess your students using the latest resources.

Ji Tap enables educators to create, fun personalized learning apps for their students to engage and motivate them to learn more about Judaism.

Educators can also use Ji Tap to join a community of Jewish Educators and learners worldwide to improve their Jewish teachings for their students.




Benefits of Ji Tap include:

  • Lesson ideas and templates to provide inspiration
  • Collaborate with Jewish educators around the world
  • Option to design 'flipped learning' courses for students
  • Safe multi-platform tools that can be used off/online

Discover and play

Lessons, ideas, games and templates by Jewish teachers, parents and children.


Your own interactive Jewish or Hebrew  games using Ji creation packs, Jewish holiday themes, Jewish texts, sound clips and animations.


Your creations with a global Jewish community and engage your students with Judaism.

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