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Ten reasons to download Pesach apps for your kids before Pesach 

By Rifki Orzech | Pesach | 0 Comments | 22 March, 2018

10 reasons to download Pesach apps for your kids before Pesach

Pesach (Passover) means different things to different people. It can be a break in the routine in a positive way or can have an element of disruption. It’s great for people who like to write lists. It’s fantastic for people who like law and order. For the boffins and education experts at Ji Tap, it’s about getting the kids clicking and thinking while ensuring that something useful stays with your child while they’re on their break.

The Ji Tap apps have become as much a part of the pre-Pesach, school-has-broken-up set of rituals as cleaning the car (no more carpool!), watching The Prince of Egypt and ordering pizza. Pesach is the chag with the longest run up to kick off—and the chag with the most apps on our store. A 27-unit playlist, no less.

In less than the time it takes for matza to become chametz, I’ve compiled the authoritative list on reasons for app downloading this month.


  1. Use the Pesach quiz to assess whether your school fees have been worth it this year.

    Passover Quiz For Kids
  2. Tell your eight-year-old this: if you beat his quiz-timing record then he gets to clean the car, which is great because the occupational therapist ordered him to strengthen his shoulders anyway. Win-win.

  3. Play Pesach Thinkbats on your coffee break. It’ll keep you focused and smug; even though you haven’t done much for the chag, you can still work out a riddle like a pro.

    Passover Game - Thinkbats
  4. No more made-up, garbled lyrics, your family will know all the words to Chad Gadya this year whether you have to hire a kid goat or invite the shochet for show and tell.

  5. Cross setting the seder table off your list and let the kids handle it.

  6. Gematria words app, because there’s nothing like encouraging mental math on a vacation to feel like an accomplished parent.

    Gematria Challenge for Passover
  7. Car journeys—Thank you Ji Tap for keeping car games relevant since 2012.

  8.  Is there a unit for remembering which havdala we do? I’d get that one.

  9.  Dayenu. What, 8 reasons aren’t enough for you?

  10.  The kids will be so busy sharpening their Pesach knowledge they won’t notice you ordered the wrong pizza. Maybe.

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Rifki Orzech

Written by Rifki Orzech

Rifki Orzech is an olah, a mother of three and a content writer with five years’ experience. She is passionate about women learning Torah and has completed the Susi Bradfield Educational Leadership Programme for Jewish women at the London School of Jewish Studies.

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