Technology In The Classroom: The Genie’s Out Of The Bottle - Rabbi Moshe Rosenberg

For the original article in the New York Jewish Week (26 August 2016): click here.

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What's the impact on human connection? - Rabbi Effie Kleinberg

By Ji Team | | 0 Comments | 16 August, 2016

We all have those moments. Moments when we think we have made a breakthrough, a game-changing innovation... and then we see it, at first, it appears as a small hole, but then it grows increasingly...

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Ji Tap for Tishrei - Sammy Morhaim

By Ji Team | | 0 Comments | 11 August, 2016

Whether you’re a kid, parent or a passionate 21st century teacher, Ji Tap will get you set and ready for Tishrei!

Here are just a few of the many amazing things you can do with Ji Tap...

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