Empowering parents to help their children at home

Jews have always placed a great emphasis on education and the Jewish tradition regards parents as the ultimate educators.

Rather than the home being a place where a child is free from study, the...

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How educational apps for children can improve your classrooms attitude to homework - SeeSaw

Almost there, two minutes left...the bell is about to go...come on come on... tick tock tick tock… “Oh, and for your homework I would like you read pages 43 and 44, answering questions 1-10.”...

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About Tu Bishvat

By Rabbi Johnny Solomon | Tu Bishvat | 0 Comments | 09 February, 2017

On Shabbat 10/11th February it is Tu Bishvat (ט''ו בשבט), which is the hebrew term for the date ‘the 15th of Shevat’. But what is this minor festival all about? Below are 5 facts to help you...

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Digital tools to help with Jewish Studies

By Ji Team | Jewish Education | 0 Comments | 08 February, 2017

Teaching something as versatile as Jewish Studies to younger students is an interesting challenge. After all, you’re introducing your class to a combination of history, religion, language and...

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5 reasons to bring your Jewish Studies classroom up to date

By Ji Team | Educational Technology | 0 Comments | 03 February, 2017

Schools may be apprehensive to bring the digital world into the classroom. After all, how can technology help with Jewish Studies? In a class of 20+ students accessing the internet, it may be...

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