When is Yom Kippur and what is a Jewish birthday?

For many people, the summer is about sun, fun, camp and vacation! However, it is also about planning and diarising for the future, and to do so, you need a Jewish Calendar.

And why?

Because you...

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How MyIDBook joined the JI Tap library

A few months ago, I stumbled across Ji Tap, an app full of educational games for children of all ages. And I soon realized that I too could use their technology to create my own games.

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Educational technology in the classroom: A successful implementation

Teaching Jewish Studies in school can be very rewarding. After all, by instilling an honest and thorough interest in Judaism into students, you become an integral part of their development as...

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Ways to keep children learning during the school vacation

The countdown begins.

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Screen time and summer parenting

When J.K. Rowling sought to describe the sights of Hogwarts in the summer months, she wrote how ‘the castle grounds were gleaming in the sunlight as though freshly painted; the cloudless sky...

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Why you should consider buying Ji Tap for your school.

Are you teaching Jewish Studies or Ivrit? Do you want positive and relevant learning experiences in your classroom for the coming year? Are you thinking about tomorrow's child?

These are...

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