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    Ji Calendar and the solar eclipse

    Well, this is when the moon passes between the sun and the earth, and by doing so, blocks the suns light.

    During a solar eclipse the sun continues to shine, but it appears as if the light of the...

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    Jewish education & Ji Tap in Sweden!

    Upon landing in Arlanda Airport, I couldn't but help feeling like I was in IKEA. Everything had a wooden finish and seemed so very practical.

    I arrived at my hotel around 10.30pm and was greeted...

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    'My phone fell in my kids Paddling pool- The pros and cons'

    By Sammy Morhaim | | 0 Comments | 10 August, 2017

    It was really annoying…

    Whenever I get a new phone I always spend money on a hard wearing case. This last contracted phone was no different. In fact when I took my phone out of its Otterbox case...

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