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    Design your gift for Israel's 70th anniversary

    By Anat Goodman | Israel | 0 Comments | 26 March, 2018

    In preparation of Israel’s 70th anniversary, Ji Tap’s game-creator tool has been updated with a special collection on Zionism and Israeli Culture. In the new creator packs, you can find key...

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    Ten reasons to download Pesach apps for your kids before Pesach 

    By Rifki Orzech | Pesach | 0 Comments | 22 March, 2018

    10 reasons to download Pesach apps for your kids before Pesach

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    The Family That Cleans Together Learns Together 

    By Rifki Orzech | Passover | 0 Comments | 15 March, 2018

    I parked outside work, gathered my belongings and looked around, making sure I had everything; as I prepared to lock it, I had a sudden thought. I looked down at the seats and I realised we had...

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    Passing on the Passover Message

    By Yosef Rabin | Pesach, Passover | 0 Comments | 06 March, 2018

    The Passover Seder is perhaps the most cherished and kept of all Jewish traditions, maybe even outranking the solemn fast of Yom Kippur in the list of Jewish observances. The reason for this is...

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    Pesach is Coming - Be Prepared!

    By Ji Team | Pesach, Passover | 0 Comments | 05 March, 2018

    Pesach is a busy time for everyone! At Jewish Interactive, we have been working hard to put together some resources to help you teach your Pesach lessons.

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