Wonder Women of Israel

By Chaykee Mor | Wonder Woman | 0 Comments | 30 May, 2018

The wonder women in this series all represent the most fundamental aspects of what makes a hero. They stood for what’s right no matter the consequence. They protected human rights for no personal...

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Classroom Shortcuts that don't cut corners

In elementary school, we were set a thought exercise: what would our children’s classrooms look like? Outlandish suggestions ranged from robot teachers to replacing the dusty chalkboards with...

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Shavuot Workshop

By Sammy Morhaim | Shavuot | 0 Comments | 16 May, 2018


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טף לטף - Ji Tap

By Ji Team | Testimonials | 0 Comments | 15 May, 2018

בבית הספר טף לטף ישנם 11 כיתות המיועדות לתלמידים בעלי מוגבלות שכלית התפתחותית בינונית ומטה. אנו רואים באמצעי הטכנולוגיה השונים פריצת דרך רבת משמעות לקידום הילדים בתחומים שונים – תקשורת, למידה,...

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Story of Shavuot - Wherever you go I will go

By Rifki Orzech | Shavuot | 0 Comments | 11 May, 2018

Open the bathroom door and like many parents, you might find a little person looking up at you. Just waiting. Perhaps your toddler took Ruth’s famous statement to heart, wherever you go I will go...

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Featured Teacher - Rebecca Penina Simon

By Ji Team | Ji Tap | 0 Comments | 07 May, 2018

Rebecca Penina Simon, the Director of Educational Technology in SINAI Schools New York tells us that she uses Ji Tap in the classroom for lesson instruction and reinforcement.

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