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    Let My People Read!

    By Rifki Orzech | Alef Bet | 0 Comments | 29 June, 2018

    I love it when my kids learn to read. It’s such a turning point in their lives; they will start to gain some control over what information they absorb and you the parent, however, will gain a...

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    Créer des jeux? Le mode 2.0 d’apprentissage dans l’enseignement juif

    By Iléna Alexis | | 0 Comments | 26 June, 2018

    “Vous voulez vraiment apprendre quelque chose - en profondeur? Alors enseignez le à quelqu’un d’autre…”

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    Fast for the past, for the sake of our future.

    Every year during the summer months, observant Jews spend three weeks expressing increasing levels of national mourning that commemorate tragedies that befell the Jewish people in the distant past.

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    Intergenerational Learning

    When the wisdom of age is mixed with the energy of youth, it creates a powerful combination that benefits everyone. - Donna Butts Generations United

    I love this quote that I found on the Live...

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    The Aishet Chayil as Zeitgeist for 2018

    By Rifki Orzech | Wonder Woman | 0 Comments | 13 June, 2018

    It’s been a year since Gal Gadot, as Wonder Woman, burst onto the big screen and the director got the right message out at the right time. Diana, Wonder Woman lived in a society, which encouraged...

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    Featured Teacher - Orly Rachamim

    By Ji Team | Testimonials | 0 Comments | 11 June, 2018

    Orly Rachamim, who is the Director of Educational Technology  for Netivot HaTorah Day School in Canada has used Ji Tap in her classroom and this is what she has to say: 

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