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Plus de 2 ans déjà que le monde peut goûter aux joies des cours de kodesh et d’hébreu pour enfants sur tablette et smartphone, et pourquoi pas nous?

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New Teacher Notes

There’s nothing so fresh and rejuvenated as my child’s school bag and intentions on the first day of September. Files, textbook and copybooks are new, pencils are sharp, and erasers are clean....

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By Liat Moss | JStem | 0 Comments | 20 July, 2018

STEM is an approach to teaching and learning which emphasises Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. At Ji, we have added a Jewish element to STEM learning which incorporates Jewish themes and...

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Tisha B’av Teaching and Trauma

By Rifki Orzech | Tisha B'av | 0 Comments | 16 July, 2018

I recently read, How Summer Camps Should and Shouldn’t Observe Tisha B’av, and harking from the British Isles, this list came as a surprise. UK camps would always start after Tisha B’av, aside...

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Naima Tap into Jewish Interactive

By Sammy Morhaim | Ji Tap | 0 Comments | 16 July, 2018

In 1664 the Spanish and Portuguese Jews' Congregation in England opened its first school, Shaare Tikvah - Gates of Hope. Today Naima continues the Spanish and Portuguese Jewish traditions and...

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The Heart Attack of Tisha B'av

Many thinkers, artists and poets spanning millennia have tried to depict the importance, splendor and spirituality of Jerusalem, with maps such as that produced by 16th century Heinrich Bunting...

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La pédagogie numérique en classe: une implémentation réussie

Être enseignant de kodesh à l'école est très enrichissant. Après tout, en insufflant aux élèves un intérêt sincère et profond pour le judaïsme, vous prenez une part active dans leur développement...

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Tech Conundrums for Digital Natives

My children are digital natives; two children share a dumb phone and one owns a smartphone. There’s an old PC running Linux, that’s the homework (and “resuurch” station) and there’s our tablet.

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