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    We Have Your Back, Wonder Woman

    By Rifki Orzech | Sukkot | 0 Comments | 20 September, 2018

    A woman of valor, who can find… She seeks out wool and linen, and her hands work willingly...She is like a merchant's ships; from afar she brings her sustenance.

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    As I Click and Cut, I Create

    By Rifki Orzech | Sukkot | 0 Comments | 17 September, 2018

    We’re commanded to live in the sukkah for seven days. At the very least, we eat, talk, learn Torah, and some even sleep there for seven days. It’s holy glamping from the convenience of your own...

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    Ji Taps into Yom Kippur

    By Rifki Orzech | Yom Kippur | 0 Comments | 13 September, 2018

    If you have a kid in kindergarten, we can surmise there were unwearable cardboard flipper slippers for the pre-YK craft. They probably also came home with a feather-covered chicken-shaped...

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    Jewish Stories By Rabbi Kerry Olitzky

    By Rabbi Kerry Olitzky | Ji Tap | 0 Comments | 03 September, 2018

    As an educator, I sought to create a group of stories that would best be classified as “edutainment.” In these stories I wanted to both provide age-appropriate Jewish education while also engaging...

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