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Shavuot Workshop

By Sammy Morhaim | Shavuot | 0 Comments | 16 May, 2018

Shavuot iPad Workshop
Here is a detailed guide on how to use Ji Tap and your iPad for
your Shavuot Workshops this year: 

Ten Commandments - 2 Sides

Ten Commandments 2Parents-1

 Can you list at least five things that our parents
have done or do for us? 


Parents 2


Kibud Av Veaim Game

Using Ji Tap you need to create a game that teaches some of the
ways that we can honor and value our parents. 
Here is your step by step guide to making your game. 

                  1. Open the Ji Tap App and then login with your details: 
                    Login: example.com
                    Kibud Av Veaim Game-1

                    Game Mission-1

                  2. Tap on the create button. 

                    Game Mission-2
                    You will then see a screen like this..... 

                    Game Mission-3-1

                  3. Select a color background and the intro page template. 

                    Game Mission 2

                    Move the intro page template to the center. Then using
                    the 'Aa', write your title. 

                    Game Mission 2-1

                  4. Select the 10 Commandments pack, choose a picture and
                    then the Commandment of "Kabed et avicha v'et Imecha".

                    Game Mission 3

                    Tap to the side and move your pictures into the correct
                    position. Then tap on the tick. 

                    Game Mission 3-1

                  5. Tap on add slide then tap on the teacher pack. 

                    Game Mission 4

                    Select one of the three templates. Once you've chosen
                    the one you like, tap to the right side of the screen. 

                  6. Using the 'Aa' feature, type out a question about
                    honouring your parents and three answers.
                    Put the answers in the squares below. 

                    Game Mission 4-1

                  7. Tap on 'set activity' then select 'Ask a Question'. 

                    Game Mission 5

                    Record your question, then with your finger mark the
                    correct answer followed by pressing the little green tick. 

                    Game Mission 5-1

                  8. Repeat steps 5-7 to add as many question slides as
                    time permits. 

                  9. Your game is ready - Mazel Tov!

                    Finishing off: 
                    a) Give your game a name - for example: Shavuot Talia 
                    (Don't use your surname for safety reasons) 
                    b) Upload your game by pressing the upload button. 

Game Mission 6

ShavuotDownload Ji Tap

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Sammy Morhaim

Written by Sammy Morhaim

Sammy Morhaim is the UK and European manager of Jewish Interactive. Sammy was recently Head of Jewish Studies at the King David School Manchester, an outstanding school, where he also led training on using iPads in education. An innovative and energetic Jewish educator, his passion is in keeping Judaism relevant and he often lectures on the subject. He is an expert in combining educational pedagogy with technology and has developed many digital games for Jewish learning. He has had practical experience implementing technology in his classroom and in many other school settings. Sammy has two BA degrees, in Humanities and Education respectively and he is a Qualified Teacher. Sammy studied in Yeshivot Ohr Sameach, Kerem B'Yavneh and Aish HaTorah.

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