How to be a 21st century educator

Are you searching for new ways to engage your students regarding their Jewish Education?


Or perhaps you're looking to ignite their motivation for their Jewish Education? We've created a comprehensive e-book: How to become a 21st century educator which will help you engage your students with their Jewish Education and motivate them to learn more about their Jewish Studies.

Our detailed e-book also includes helpful tips and tricks to engage your students by introducing educational technology into the classroom. Not only that, but the e-book also includes useful digital tools and new technology that you can use to motivate and engage your classroom!

The e-book also includes:

  • When and how to use podcasts in the classroom environment
  • How blogging can improve knowledge around Judaism & the jewish community
  • Why educational games are a must-have for today's students 
  • How video streaming can expose students to new ideas in real-time
  • Why educators love Ji Tap as a digital tool for their classroom

Don't miss out! Download now and start engaging your students during your Jewish Studies class now!

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