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Here are some amazing resources to help you
teach your students about Shavuot. Enjoy! 

Shavuot Games

lessons in Jigzi

Jigzi has almost 200 Shavuot JIGs (Jewish Interactive Games)
ready for you to use at home.
These digital games are a great way
to help your children learn about and experience Shavuot.


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Shavuot e-book


Free e-book

Resources, games, ideas, activities and more to make
learning about Shavuot joyful and exciting.


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Shavuot Ji Bytes


Let your kids chew on a taste of Shavuot with Ji Bytes


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Shavuot is one of our favorite festivals! We have put together some Shavuot resources for you to use in the classroom or at home with your children.

Take a look at the blogs that we have relating to Shavuot:

Enjoy this beautiful time to share some family Torah learning and let the digital world open some new doors and insights for you and your family. 

We have a wonderful collection of games and lessons created by expert teachers around the word in the Ji Tap marketplace
Chag Sameach!