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Empowering parents to help their children at home

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    Empowering parents to help their children at home

    Jews have always placed a great emphasis on education and the Jewish tradition regards parents as the ultimate educators.

    Rather than the home being a place where a child is free from study, the Jewish view of the home is that it should be a place where learning continues and where curiosity is nurtured. This idea is clearly pronounced in the words of the Shema prayer which contain the instruction that “you shall teach [the traditions of Judaism] to your children, when you are at home…” (Devarim 6:7).

    However, this is easier said than done, and even when parents want to educate their children or support them with their studies, they may not have the necessary tools to do so.

    This is where digital tools come into their own! From a laptop, tablet or handheld device, a parent can find the knowledge they need and the tools they require to help their child continue their learning at home.

    However, while great resources, educational apps for children and tools were available for most subjects, it was a struggle to find easy to use and age-appropriate online Judaic studies content that would help parents help their children.

    Jewish Studies

    This is the gift of Ji Tap!

    Ji Tap is a one-stop-shop where parents and educators can not only create their own games with Jewish content, but also access a vast library of games that expert educators have created.

    If you are looking to help your child learn the alef-bet – there are resources for you!

    If you are looking to learn about the weekly Torah portion – there are games to play!

    And if you want to know more about the holidays and the Jewish calendar – you won’t be disappointed!

    Ji Tap is a game-changer - for teachers in schools and for parents at home.

    So the next time “your child will ask you [questions about Judaism] such as ‘what is [the meaning of] this [practice]?’”(Shemot 13:14), download Ji Tap and learn the answer together!

    Download Now!

    Rabbi Johnny Solomon

    Written by Rabbi Johnny Solomon

    Rabbi Johnny Solomon is the Director of Educational Content for Jewish Interactive