Jewish Interactive - How it began and where it is now

Article written by Viviana Goren Kassam published in Moked. 

It all started with a CD on Shabbat, made by a South African team led by Nicky Newfield - ten years ago. It impressed Chana Kanzen, a...

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Tips for a 'Virtual' Pesach

By Chana Kanzen | Pesach | 0 Comments | 16 March, 2021

When we said “Next year in Jerusalem” at last year's seder, I don't think any of us ever meant it as much as we did that night. Did any of us dream we would still be in lock down for a second Pesach...

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Fast for the past, for the sake of our future.

Every year during the summer months, observant Jews spend three weeks expressing increasing levels of national mourning that commemorate tragedies that befell the Jewish people in the distant past.

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Tech to Keep Kids Engaged During Lockdown

As we approach 10 weeks of pandemic lock-down, aside from health factors, one of the most crucial factors in people’s pandemic experience is whether or not they have kids. Many non-parents may...

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Are You Comfortable Being Uncomfortable?

“The Pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine and reset our world” Klaus Schwab - Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic ForumWhat if we are asking...

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It’s Never Too Late To Learn Hebrew Online

Less than one per cent of American adults today are proficient in a second language they learned in a classroom, despite the fact that around 93% of high-schools teach foreign languages. The facts...

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Online Learning - Week 2

Week two of home learning online experiment. 

Our CEO - Chana Kanzen will be doing a video entry every day about her experience of online learning. 

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Zoom FAQ

La marche à suivre pour bien utiliser la vidéo conférence

Face aux fermetures d’écoles, de nombreux établissements se tournent vers les outils de vidéo conférence. Voici quelques règles simples et...

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FAQ d’apprentissage à distance

1. Nous n'avons qu'un seul ordinateur à la maison: comment faire?Cela présentera des problèmes si plusieurs enfants ont des sessions en ligne en même temps.Les enfants devront partager le temps de...

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Créer des classes, attribuer des exercices, vérifier les progrès

Ji Tap Pro: C’est simple comme bonjourCréer des classes, attribuer des exercices, vérifier les progrès...

D'écoles et les rassemblements annulés à travers le monde en raison du COVID-19. Alors que...

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