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    8 Ways Chanukah Can Last a Lifetime

    By Rifki Orzech | Chanukah | 0 Comments | 26 November, 2018

    I’ve never met anyone who wanted to avoid Chanukah, the way some joke about postponing Pesach. Chanukah is easy. There’s no obligatory home cleaning, unless you invited family for a party and...

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    Young Children Learn about Jewish Role Models

    By Anat Goodman | Supermen of Israel | 0 Comments | 22 November, 2018

    There is no doubt that Natan Sharansky's life story is one of the most inspiring Jewish journeys we all know. Ji wanted to make this and other Jewish superheroes' stories, accessible to all Jewish...

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    What is Inclusion?

    By Chaykee Mor | Inclusion | 0 Comments | 13 November, 2018

    The inclusion series is for my children and any other loving people who live in our humble world.  It was birthed from an onslaught of great questions and my own lack of education, which...

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    Supermen of Israel

    If anyone should be able to define what is a hero is all about it should be Christopher Reeve (1952-2004) who famously played the role of Superman in the acclaimed 1978 movie, and who himself...

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    Channah Moses Featured Teacher

    Initially, I was reluctant to implement Ji Tap into my lessons as it frustrated me how both children and adults rely too heavily on the immediate sensory and visual feedback which technology...

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    Why I am a Jew

    Rabbi Sacks created a powerful video entitled 'Why I am a Jew.'
    We wanted to bring the inspirational messages therein to youngsters around the world, by gamifying content to marry the video.
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    The Magic and Ingenuity of Learning to Read

    There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet.

    We start with the sounds and then learn the dots and lines that represent the vowels.

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    Shabbat Interactive Around the World

    By Rifki Orzech | Shabbat | 0 Comments | 08 October, 2018

    Shabbat, Shabbos, Sabbath, the names themselves speak of different backgrounds, cultures and languages. I don’t think there’s an area in Judaism that isn’t touched by that diversity in thought,...

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    Tech-A-Porter: un hackathon 100% féminin à Londres ce week-end

    L’an dernier, nous avons organisé un hackathon à Londres pour une cinquantaines d’enfants âgés de 12 à 18 ans venant de tous horizons. L’évènement fut un succès, mais nous avions été déçus que sur...

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    Play and Learn Hebrew… for Toddlers

    Language acquisition is a fascinating topic that includes elements of neuroscience, linguistics and child development. And if you, as an adult, have ever tried to learn a new language, you know...

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