Kids do Dumb Stuff in the Virtual World Too

By Rifki Orzech | Internet Safety | 0 Comments | 21 January, 2019

I would be reading out a press release from the Department of the Obvious if I said that children did really dumb stuff sometimes. You know the things that leave you looking like a horrified Internet...

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Where the rigorous go looking for ratings

By Rifki Orzech | Internet Safety | 0 Comments | 17 August, 2018

Google made the news following the swift removal of a rogue app, aimed at children, from the Play Store. The app called Blaze and the Monster Machines was pulled after alarmed parents alerted Google...

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How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

By Yosef Rabin | Internet Safety | 0 Comments | 13 February, 2018

Keeping our children safe is at the top of our priority list. As responsible parents, we keep tabs on where they go, who they see and generally what they are up to day-to-day. However, many parents...

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Top e-Safety Classroom Resources

By Yosef Rabin | Internet Safety | 0 Comments | 31 January, 2018

Our children are using Internet of Things (IoT) devices to not only communicate with each other, but to study and learn about the world around them. Therefore it is imperative for parents and...

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