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    Teach Your Child Hebrew in a Way They Will Love!

    By Yosef Rabin | Jewish Education | 0 Comments | 04 January, 2018

    Children use smartphone apps for everything from Instagram to Snapchat and of course Candy Crush Saga, but now they can add learning and reading Hebrew to their favourite genre of app games.  ...

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    Jewish education & Ji Tap in Sweden!

    Upon landing in Arlanda Airport, I couldn't but help feeling like I was in IKEA. Everything had a wooden finish and seemed so very practical.

    I arrived at my hotel around 10.30pm and was greeted...

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    Learning and Yearning For Jerusalem

    The story is told of the great Napoleon Bonaparte who was walking through the streets of Paris on the Fast of the Ninth of Av. As he passed by a synagogue he heard wailing and crying, and so he...

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    When is Yom Kippur and what is a Jewish birthday?

    For many people, the summer is about sun, fun, camp and vacation! However, it is also about planning and diarising for the future, and to do so, you need a Jewish Calendar.

    And why?

    Because you...

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    Why you should consider buying Ji Tap for your school.

    Are you teaching Jewish Studies or Ivrit? Do you want positive and relevant learning experiences in your classroom for the coming year? Are you thinking about tomorrow's child?

    These are...

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    Teaching & learning Torah as it was given

    This week we celebrate Shavuot when the Jewish people received the Torah. But while we often focus on what was given, equally important was how it was given.

    In the days prior to the giving of the...

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    5 tech trends that could change education forever!

    By Ji Team | Jewish Education | 0 Comments | 09 May, 2017

    Since the turn of the century, we have seen the rise of broadband internet, mobile technology, smart phones and all kinds of smart devices. It’s now possible to connect your kitchen appliances to...

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    7 best resources to utilise as a Jewish Studies teacher

    By Ji Team | Jewish Education | 0 Comments | 21 April, 2017

    Teaching Jewish Studies to children is hugely rewarding. You are, after all, contributing to the cultural upbringing of young members of your community. There are many resources available online...

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    How to better engage your classroom in Jewish Studies

    As a teacher in training some ten years ago, a lecturer shared with us the following wisdom ‘More important than a lesson plan is a classroom management plan.’ In essence, you cannot hope to teach...

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    How to lesson plan for your Jewish Studies class

    While not every planned class may be great, great classes come from great planning. Here are 7 simple rules for how to lesson plan, with some specific pointers for Judaic Studies teachers:

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