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Online Hebrew Learning

It’s Never Too Late To Learn Hebrew Online

Less than one per cent of American adults today are proficient in a second language they learned in a classroom, despite the fact that around 93% of high-schools teach foreign languages. The facts are an important indicator of one thing: those who do speak a second language such as Hebrew often have to learn it of their own accord, after going through the school system. Today, there are many online resources for those wishing to hone their Hebrew vocabulary and grammar. So if you wish to do so, why is it worth it, regardless of your age?

Lifelong Learning Of Languages Has Powerful Benefits

A study published in the journal Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences shows exactly why continuing to learn as an adult is so beneficial. Advantages include being able to cope with a fast-changing world and enjoying a more fulfilling life. Learning languages, then, can clearly fill a void for many senior learners, especially those who live far from family and who have few social connections.

Seniors And Language Learning

By utilizing Hebrew online learning resources and joining forums and online group classes, you can meet other people from the Jewish faith and possibly meet up with those living near you. Learning Hebrew online is also affordable, which is key for young retirees wishing to save. Around 20% of Americans actually retire before the age of 63. Even those surviving on a small income can avail of a host of free resources to learn Hebrew and immerse themselves in Jewish studies.

The Brain Is Plastic

A study by P Bach-y-Rita et al. has shown that brain plasticity lasts long into the senior years. This means that although learning a new language may get harder as they years go by, it is still a possibility, with results improving among those who are more motivated and conscientious. Today, resources go beyond written lessons or picture card-type content. Seniors wishing to brush up their memory can opt for game-like tutorials with voice content that encourages users to repeat the pronunciation of specific words. In fact, learning Hebrew can be beneficial to brain health. An Edinburgh University study showed that learning a second language can help delay the onset of dementia by several years - even when learning begins in adulthood. “Because the language centers in the brain are so flexible, learning a second language can develop new areas of your mind and strengthen your brain's natural ability to focus,” the scientists stated.

Strengthening Faith

Speaking and writing Hebrew can enrich your life in many ways, but it can also open doors to new possibilities - including teaching Hebrew school to children at synagogues, visiting Israel and being able to interact with locals on a deeper level, and attending synagogue and having discussions on faith in Hebrew. The Torah is a considered a family treasure that links people of Jewish faith to the past and connects them to the future. Approaching the Torah as it is, without translation, connects you to the same words and structures your ancestors encountered, and therefore adds meaning to your study of scripture.

There are many reasons why adults and seniors should continue to learn languages. From improving their cognitive skills to connecting with others, language builds bridges. It also connects learners to the past and enables them to feel more at one with their ancestors through readings of holy scripture. 

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Jennifer Gilly

Written by Jennifer Gilly

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