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Rabbi Johnny Solomon is a passionate, reflective and energetic Jewish educator. He has a BSc (Hons) in Maths and Religious Studies, a teaching qualification from the University of Herfordshire and semicha from the Montefiore Kollel in London. While living in London, Johnny held numerous senior positions in Jewish education including Head of Jewish Studies at Immanuel College, Assistant Head at Naima Jewish Preparatory School, Team Leader at the Jewish Curriculum Partnership and Head of Jewish Studies at Hasmonean Girls’ School. In 2012 Johnny moved to Israel where he spends his time writing great Jewish educational content for Jewish Interactive, and teaching at post-high school seminaries.
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When is Yom Kippur and what is a Jewish birthday?

For many people, the summer is about sun, fun, camp and vacation! However, it is also about planning and diarising for the future, and to do so, you need a Jewish Calendar.

And why?

Because you...

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Screen time and summer parenting

When J.K. Rowling sought to describe the sights of Hogwarts in the summer months, she wrote how ‘the castle grounds were gleaming in the sunlight as though freshly painted; the cloudless sky...

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Teaching & learning Torah as it was given

This week we celebrate Shavuot when the Jewish people received the Torah. But while we often focus on what was given, equally important was how it was given.

In the days prior to the giving of the...

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6 thought for 6 days - Ideas for teaching Yom Yerushalayim

On the 28th Iyar  about 52 years ago the Israeli army entered the Old City of Jerusalem and reestablished a Jewish presence in Judaism’s holiest city.

Since that fateful day, the 28th of Iyar has...

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On Lag BaOmer and Harry Potter

Lag Ba'Omer is a multi-layered day of celebration which, while celebrated by many, is often misunderstood. In this blog, I will explain the different elements of this mysterious day and suggest...

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How to lesson plan for your Jewish Studies class

While not every planned class may be great, great classes come from great planning. Here are 7 simple rules for how to lesson plan, with some specific pointers for Judaic Studies teachers:

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Nurturing Jewish Identity, one tap at a time

By Rabbi Johnny Solomon | Ji Tap | 0 Comments | 27 March, 2017

According to the great Jewish thinker Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, there are two aspects of Jewish identity.

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Empowering parents to help their children at home

Jews have always placed a great emphasis on education and the Jewish tradition regards parents as the ultimate educators.

Rather than the home being a place where a child is free from study, the...

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About Tu Bishvat

By Rabbi Johnny Solomon | Tu Bishvat | 0 Comments | 09 February, 2017

On Shabbat 10/11th February it is Tu Bishvat (ט''ו בשבט), which is the hebrew term for the date ‘the 15th of Shevat’. But what is this minor festival all about? Below are 5 facts to help you...

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Placing our faith in educational technology

Have you heard the one about the Rabbi teaching Judaism in a Roman Catholic school? And no, this is not a joke!I was training to be a Jewish Studies teacher while working in a Jewish School, and...

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