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Featured Teacher - Rebecca Penina Simon

By Ji Team | Featured Teacher | 0 Comments | 07 May, 2018
This week Jewish Interactive is proud to feature an amazing teacher and game creator of ours - Rebecca Penina Simon. Rebecca Penina has been using and enjoying Ji Tap  for many years now. 


Rebecca Penina Simon, the Director of Educational Technology in SINAI Schools New York tells us that she uses Ji Tap in the classroom for lesson instruction and reinforcement.

This is what she has to say about Ji Tap:

"As every child learns differently, it's an educator's job to teach that child on his or her own level. Ji Tap makes this possible by providing a platform through which educators can create customized, interactive games and activities, with a multi-sensory experience. These can be used for instruction or lesson reinforcement and can be prepared in minutes."

Rebecca Penina Simon has many games that she has created on Ji Tap and uses them to help teach her students. Her games focus primarily on breaking down and understanding Hebrew words used in the Parsha. These are great for teaching both Parsha lessons and Chumash lessons to children. She also has many games focusing on understanding Shorashim - the root letters within a word. 

Rebecca Penina tells us that her games are designed specifically for students in special ed. Her games are enjoyed and appreciated by both students and teachers around the globe. 

If you haven't yet seen any of these games check them out now and start playing on Ji Tap - you won't regret this! https://jitap.net/community/profile/rebecca-penina-simon1/ 

Don't just take our word for it, please listen to what teachers around the world have to say about Ji: 

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If you are a teacher or game creator and love using Ji Tap with your students or at home let us know and we would love to feature you! 

Ji Team

Written by Ji Team

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