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How MyIDBook joined the JI Tap library

A few months ago, I stumbled across Ji Tap, an app full of educational games for children of all ages. And I soon realized that I too could use their technology to create my own games.

I created my start-up nearly 3 years ago. Our star product, MyIDBook, allows Bnei Mitzvah kids to write the book of their roots and family. It’s a fantastic project, but as a young start-up, we’re always looking for ways of communicating more efficiently and adding more fun to the general user experience.

It became pretty clear that Ji Tap could be a great way of achieving these goals. But I must admit that at first, I found the task a little daunting. I wanted Ji Tap to do things it wouldn’t (because it couldn’t as I later found out) because I wanted to create a game that would mimic what my website does.. that was my mistake.

I kind of forgot about it all after that initial experience, but after a few months, realising that my children were using Ji Tap at school, I thought it would be such a waste not to try again. And I’m really glad I did.

MyIDBook- JI Tap in numbers

  • It took me one hour to explore the different possibilities and find out exactly how I could use Ji Tap to help me. 
  • It took me three hours to create my first game, use and tweak the visuals I wanted, record the voiceover, and organize the whole game so that it made sense to a child.
  • It took me less than an hour to replicate this game in French, as my target audience can also be French speaking.
  • And it took me 3 minutes to put them both online and share the games to my network.

I think it says it all.

Would I use Ji Tap to create more games? 100% yes!

It’s easy and straightforward to use. Children create their own games in there, so how could I not?

My top tip: have a look at existing games to familiarize yourself with the different possibilities and discover what you like and dislike. If you have children, get them to play a few games to see their reaction and get their feedbacks.


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Iléna Alexis

Written by Iléna Alexis

Education, transmission, tradition, mixing all generations... these are my passions and this is why I chose to start MyIDVenture. A highly enthusiatic professional project manager with more than 10 years experience in the financial software industry, who was happy to take a 180 degree turn and devote her time to her passions. A strategic and innovative thinker with outstanding client relationship skills and a keen interest in solving problems. A highly motivated team player, combining analytical thinking and successful project delivery.

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