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My Menorah Parent Guide

Keep Your Children Entertained During Chanukah

By Chana Kanzen | Chanukah | 0 Comments | 18 December, 2017

With Chanukah falling out during the holidays, there is no better time for parents to take an active role in their children’s Jewish education.  Just as general learning continues to move from print to digital formatting, Jewish education is quickly following suit.

We must remember that our children are growing up in a purely digital age where IoT (Internet of Things) devices permeate their very existence. If we want to engage with the younger generation successfully, we must adapt an ancient and timely message with cutting-edge technology.

Jewish Interactive has developed a first class app called Ji Tap, which truly represents the next frontier of Jewish education.  The application is filled with animated games, videos and texts, which bring to life the lessons of our faith in a fun and interactive framework that both children and adults can enjoy. Let’s look at some activities you can take part in with your children:

Chanukah: 8 Days of Happiness:

Each night of Chanukah can provide a unique lesson of how to interact with family and friends by expressing gratitude, taking or receiving and show empathy. For instance, the “Chanukah: 8 Days of Happiness” course provides constructive ways to bring up Chanukah related topics such as the bravery of the Maccabees, generosity and empathy through eight short colourful videos outlining how to broach each topic with your children. Your nightly Chanukah lighting ceremony is the perfect time for these dynamic conversations.

My Menorah Parent Guide.png


Chanukah Games

Under the Chanukah games section, you will find a wide range of fun interactive games, which will help you learn all about the magical holiday of light along with your children. For instance, use the “Hebrew Pictionary Chanukah” to learn the Hebrew names of all holiday symbols and foods or review how to review the rules of how to make and light the Menorah by playing the interactive “It's Chanukah Time.” Perhaps you want to brush up on those Chanukah blessings before the nightly Menorah candle lighting? Practice every word with “Chanukah Tap and Hear,” while not missing a musical note.

Hebrew Pictionary Chanukah.pngIt's Chanukah Time.pngChanukah Tap and Hear.png


A Little Competitive Fun

A little light-hearted holiday competition can be a great way to spice up the cold winter nights. Ji Tap has excellent Chanukah competitions, which will keep your children on their toes.  Get challenged with questions regarding the Mishnaic dispute of how to light. The children will find these challenges dynamic and fun, so just give them the iPad and let them enjoy!

 Chanukah games course.png


Visit Israel with Yali

Experience Israel.pngGet a little holy geography in by virtually visiting our ancestral homeland with Yali. We cannot say for sure if the Maccabees took a well-deserved dip in the Dead Sea after their victory over Greece, but you can virtually visit the saltiest place on earth among other places ahead of your next vacation. You and the kids can learn fun and cools facts about the Jewish homeland, while they nag you to take them for a visit! Hey, as we say “Next Year in Jerusalem!”

Download Ji Tap and let the fun begin!

Download Ji Tap


Chana Kanzen

Written by Chana Kanzen

Chana Kanzen B.Ed(hons) QTS. Dip.Ed now CEO of Jewish Interactive. In 2013 she set up Jewish Interactive in the UK, now a thriving NGO. She currently still directs the UK’s expanding team and sits on their Board of Directors. She has helped to write and develop integrated curricula, established community programmes and regularly lectures to parents and teachers on a variety of educational topics. She has spoken at Google HQ in London and Tel Aviv, Apple HQ London and NYC and at Oxford University’s Department for Education. Before joining Jewish Interactive, Chana was a teacher mentor at the Jewish Curriculum Partnership, Head of Jewish studies at Morasha Jewish Primary school in London, England. Chana is passionate about innovative kodesh teaching and enjoys nothing more than watching children’s faces light up as they experience Judaism through JI.

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