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Why I am a Jew

By Rabbi Jonathan Sacks | Judaism | 0 Comments | 18 October, 2018
Rabbi Sacks created a powerful video entitled 'Why I am a Jew.'
We wanted to bring the inspirational messages therein to youngsters around the world, by gamifying content to marry the video.
With the guidance of Rabbi Jonathan Solomon, together with The Office of Rabbi Sacks, there are now 4 games based on 'Why I am a Jew'. Game titles include;
These games transpose Rabbi Jonathan Sack's philosophy to give access to children between the ages of 11-15. Our children have questions and we don't always have the tools to answer them. Using Ji Tap, children can not only listen to the ideas but also interact with them, bring them a greater connection to the content. The late Rabbi Sacks was a strong believer in harnessing the 'tools of today to build a stronger tomorrow.' 
We need to teach our children to have a strong and positive Jewish identity and inspire them to uphold and promote the timeless values that the Al-mighty and His Torah taught at mount Sinai over 3300 years ago.
Some gifts we give to our children last days, weeks and sometimes years. But to give our children the gift of purpose and meaning is a gift that can last for many generations to come.
Why I am A Jew Overview
Rabbi Sacks was a big supporter (see his video March 2017) of Jewish Interactive and agreed to voice over the game scripts to give them that authentic Rabbi Sacks feel. It was a true privilege to partner with Rabbi Sacks on this project and we hope many young Jews will be inspired by this series.
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