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By Liat Moss | JStem | 0 Comments | 20 July, 2018

STEM is an approach to teaching and learning which emphasises Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. At Ji, we have added a Jewish element to STEM learning which incorporates Jewish themes and ideas to help foster discussion, creativity and critical thinking.

Ji’s JSTEM games provide a range of ideas for teachers and students to explore technology within Jewish learning. The Ji Tap games aim to encourage students to use coding, robotics and science to enhance their understanding of the holidays and other Jewish topics.

STEM is all around us and impacts students learning in almost all subject areas. Technology is becoming more and more a part of our everyday lives and Jewish Studies shouldn’t be the exception. Being able to adapt the knowledge they have from other subjects into Jewish Studies challenges them to think deeper and apply their understanding of concepts in a different environment.


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Liat Moss

Written by Liat Moss

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