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Online Learning

Online Learning - Week 1

Week One of home learning online experiment. 

Our CEO - Chana Kanzen will be doing a video entry every day about her experience of online learning. 

Day One of online learning:

At the moment the dining room has been converted to my home office and this is where I will be working for the next little while. Joseph had his first day of online class today and was sitting next to me. However I was in meetings and it was hard for him to listen and focus, so I gave him my noise cancelling headphones but that also didn't work. So now he went upstairs to work in his bedroom - which isn't so good for online safety so I am not sure how we will proceed. I have told him to keep the door open and I will check on him every now and again. 

The way he is learning is he is on a Facetime call with his friends and looking on Moodle what needs to be done and then discussing the work with his friends. So far so good for day one! 

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End of day 1 - it was relatively successful. Joseph did a great presentation. 

It's been a very emotional day for us though - the government  announced that all state examinations are no longer happening. So kids that have been working towards them night and day - are now no longer taking them with no explanation. Talys is in tears because she has been working so hard and is now just so worried about her future. She has been working towards this for 3 years. There is now lots of anxiety and un-certainty but we are all in this together and will do our best! 

Day Two of online learning:

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Josephs' first time on zoom with his whole class. 

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Day 2 of online learning - and what a mess the house is! 

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We did some kareoke - we gave up on the zoom because it just wasn't working! Joseph did one zoom call this morning and that was it. 

Day Three of online learning:

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Day 3 has been very calm. Joseph got on with his work and I managed to have a meeting while everyone was working. Talya has made a calendar - the Grow and Glow project and every day there is one thing that they want to achieve. What a nice idea! 

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Chana Kanzen

Written by Chana Kanzen

Chana Kanzen B.Ed(hons) QTS. Dip.Ed now CEO of Jewish Interactive. In 2013 she set up Jewish Interactive in the UK, now a thriving NGO. She currently still directs the UK’s expanding team and sits on their Board of Directors. She has helped to write and develop integrated curricula, established community programmes and regularly lectures to parents and teachers on a variety of educational topics. She has spoken at Google HQ in London and Tel Aviv, Apple HQ London and NYC and at Oxford University’s Department for Education. Before joining Jewish Interactive, Chana was a teacher mentor at the Jewish Curriculum Partnership, Head of Jewish studies at Morasha Jewish Primary school in London, England. Chana is passionate about innovative kodesh teaching and enjoys nothing more than watching children’s faces light up as they experience Judaism through JI.

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