La pédagogie numérique en classe: une implémentation réussie

Être enseignant de kodesh à l'école est très enrichissant. Après tout, en insufflant aux élèves un intérêt sincère et profond pour le judaïsme, vous prenez une part active dans leur développement...

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Tech Conundrums for Digital Natives

My children are digital natives; two children share a dumb phone and one owns a smartphone. There’s an old PC running Linux, that’s the homework (and “resuurch” station) and there’s our tablet.

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Classroom Shortcuts that don't cut corners

In elementary school, we were set a thought exercise: what would our children’s classrooms look like? Outlandish suggestions ranged from robot teachers to replacing the dusty chalkboards with...

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How MyIDBook joined the JI Tap library

A few months ago, I stumbled across Ji Tap, an app full of educational games for children of all ages. And I soon realized that I too could use their technology to create my own games.

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Educational technology in the classroom: A successful implementation

Teaching Jewish Studies in school can be very rewarding. After all, by instilling an honest and thorough interest in Judaism into students, you become an integral part of their development as...

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Ways to keep children learning during the school vacation

The countdown begins.

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Screen time and summer parenting

When J.K. Rowling sought to describe the sights of Hogwarts in the summer months, she wrote how ‘the castle grounds were gleaming in the sunlight as though freshly painted; the cloudless sky...

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5 top tips to keep children safe when using educational apps

Today’s youth have grown up with digital technology, which is why they adapt to new tech so easily. As such, introducing educational apps as early as possible, both at home and in school, is a...

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How to master the lesson plan

When faced with the following three tasks as a teacher, which of the following takes priority: Marking, Planning or Resource creating/searching?

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6 of the best educational apps for iPad

The digital revolution has resulted in fantastic new opportunities for teaching our children about their culture and community. Educational technology has exploded onto the scene and made it...

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