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Natan Sharansky Superman of Israel Game

Young Children Learn about Jewish Role Models

By Anat Goodman | Supermen of Israel | 0 Comments | 22 November, 2018

There is no doubt that Natan Sharansky's life story is one of the most inspiring Jewish journeys we all know. Ji wanted to make this and other Jewish superheroes' stories, accessible to all Jewish children around the world. Ji harnesses cutting edge technological tools and 21st century pedagogy for Jewish and Hebrew education.

Through interactive play, our series of games engages those young children in a fun and familiar way. Our Super Heroes  game series can be played on any device and allows children to learn and interact with the stories of these great heroes in a fun way. Children actively learn and then can even create their own personalized superhero game about any role model of their choice. Ji’s unique creation tool includes a huge collection of Jewish, Israel and Hebrew content.


When Natan played our Natan game!


Natan Sharansky Cover


WhatsApp Video 2018-11-17 at 19.11.36


We were really excited to meet Natan Sharansky in an event led by Limmud Tel Aviv last month and play his game with him, featuring himself and his incredible Jewish journey.  We told Sharansky about the series and the eminent group of Jewish heroes inspiring all of us.

Natan Sharansky נתן שרנסקי is someone who dedicated his entire life to advocating for Jewish Identity, Zionism and human rights. There is so much to be learnt from this amazing Super man! Click here to play his game or here to play the games on our other super heroes.  To create your own interactive superhero games download Ji Tap!  



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Anat Goodman

Written by Anat Goodman

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