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How to Use Tech to Plan and Teach Purim

By Yosef Rabin | Purim | 0 Comments | 14 February, 2018

Our sages wrote, “When the month of Adar begins, we increase our joy.” This is because the month of Adar, which begins February 16, includes the festive and joyous holiday of Purim. While ancient traditions like dressing up, eating Hamantaschen, hearing the Scroll of Esther and drinking plenty of wine (adults only) are certainly a central part of the holiday, preparing for the holiday has now gone hi-tech. As your children’s Jewish education turns towards learning all about the holiday, heroes like Mordechai and Queen Esther and villains Haman and King Achashverosh, you can now learn along with them with the wide selection of lessons and courses found on Ji Tap. Here are just a few.

 Screenshot - Story of Purim.jpgThe Purim Story - By Benjamin Goldblatt 

This game tells the story of Purim frame by frame by asking game participants questions from the Scroll of Esther (Megillat Esther). Questions like what was Esther's real name; how many countries did King Achashvarosh rule over; who was hung at the end of the story; and whose idea was it to kill the evil Queen Vashti? The player earns points according to each question answered correctly with the points tallied at the end.


Purim Fun – by Anat Goodman

This 20-unit course allows children of various levels and ages to learn all about the holiday of Purim and practice a little Hebrew as well. Let’s look at a couple of units.


 Screenshot - Purim Character Quiz.jpg

Purim Character Quiz 

This is a very informative short game that is great for beginners. The game features the significant historical figures mentioned in the Scroll of Esther including Human, Achashverosh, Mordechai, Queen Esther and Vashti. The game will ask questions about each figure, and the player will have to make the right associations. For instance, the player will be asked who had a tail, and the player will have to choose correct figure Vashti.


The 4 Mitzvot of Purim 

After watching The Maccabeats - Purim Song the player will then have to complete a number 

Scrrenshot - 4 Mitzvot of Purim.jpg

of tasks, which includes matching the correct mitzvah to the scene shown in the slide. For instance, the game will ask, which mitzvah of Purim is shown in a picture (a table set for the festive meal and the player will have to click on the word Seuda (feast). In the next task, the player will have to find the figures from the Scroll of Esther (like Mordechai) among other dressed up people. Lastly, and perhaps the most fun activity, is dressing up a clown.


Purim Hebrew Pictionary with Yali

Yali is back and this time to teach us all about the Purim holiday in Hebrew. As you click on each picture Yali will show you how to pronounce the picture in Hebrew. For instance, when you click on the hamantashen, Yali will use the Hebrew term of Oznei Haman (Haman's Ears) or click on the picture of the clown and Yali will reveal the word Leiztan. In the next frame Yali will call out the items from the first frame, and the player is tasked to click on the correct picture like “can you find Melech (the king)?

Screenshot - Purim Pictionary with Yali.jpg

Have fun learning about Purim with Ji Tap and have a joyous and happy Purim holiday!

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Yosef Rabin

Written by Yosef Rabin

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