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Meet Shiri Aharonovich

By Ji Team | Featured Teacher | 0 Comments | 03 January, 2019
This week Jewish Interactive is proud to feature one of our amazing game creators - Shiri Aharonovich. Shiri has been using Ji Tap  for many years and when asked about the tool this is what she had to say: 
"It's a wonderful tool to use and the students LOVE playing, creating and getting to learn in a much more meaningful fun and engaging way." 
My name is Shiri Aharonovich. I am a Special Education teacher in Solomon Schechter Day School in Chicago and I teach Hebrew to First and Second grades.
The games I create on Ji Tap are used as supplement for our 1-2 grade curriculum. Some of the games I created were used as an introduction to new units, and some are for reinforcing what the students have already learned.
The games are targeted for students in the diaspora and they are all in Hebrew. Most of the games are focusing on vocabulary, grammar and comprehension. My students are also creating games on their own, when the goal is mostly on improving their reading skills, but also to have the ability to speak Hebrew.  
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I enjoy creating games on Ji Tap. This is a wonderful tool to use in the classroom. The students LOVE playing the games and they get to learn in a much more meaningful, fun and engaged way.   
 Browse Shiri's many games on Ji Tap and play them together with your students or together with your children at home. They will love learning Hebrew with these games and will beg you for more. Shiri has over 30 games available on Ji Tap and is currently creating new and trending games for kids. 

Play now on Ji Tap: 
Explore Shiri's Games
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Written by Ji Team

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