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Using social networks for Jewish education

By Gabriella Kay | Jewish Education | 0 Comments | 09 January, 2017

Hello, my name is Gabriella, I have been studying the Parsha (weekly Torah portion) for over 13 years and find it fascinating that every year we read the same stories and every year there is a different approach and understanding to these teachings and Jewish education.

There is a Jewish saying that states ‘what happens to the parents is a sign for the children’. There’s something interesting and exciting for everyone to learn, they just need the right tools to access this. Each individual has their own way to study and learn, this is what makes us all unique.

Over the years I have accessed all this information through my school, teachers and parents.  Recently I chose to interpret aspects that I found really interesting and I created a modern day version of these stories using different forms of social media.

The world is constantly changing and there are so many incredible new and innovative things that we can use to enhance our studying, specifically for Jewish education. Some people believe that as Jews we live in two worlds, a Jewish world and a secular world, however, I think that we should let these worlds come together to create a powerful unique learning tool to enhance Jewish education.

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One of my favourite pieces of work that I have created was on the Parsha of Bereshit (Genesis). I took the concept of G-d creating the world and attached it to a “new product” within the amazon shopping world.  I have tried to think of new and original ideas for each week's stories,  using the social media, websites and apps including; Pinterest, BBC iplayer, Instagram and Snapchat.

Being a young person in the 21st-century I thought I would use what's out there to appreciate my religion and enhance my further learning.

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Gabriella Kay

Written by Gabriella Kay

Gabriella Kay works for Jewish Interactive.

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