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How to improve your child’s ability in reading Hebrew

Hebrew is an integral part of Jewish cultural identity. As such, children benefit hugely from having a thorough understanding of the Hebrew language. As a parent, you want your child to become a...

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5 top tips to keep children safe when using educational apps

Today’s youth have grown up with digital technology, which is why they adapt to new tech so easily. As such, introducing educational apps as early as possible, both at home and in school, is a good...

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6 of the best educational apps for iPad

The digital revolution has resulted in fantastic new opportunities for teaching our children about their culture and community. Educational technology has exploded onto the scene and made it possible...

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Digital tools to help with Jewish Studies

By Ji Team | Jewish Education | 0 Comments | 08 February, 2017

Teaching something as versatile as Jewish Studies to younger students is an interesting challenge. After all, you’re introducing your class to a combination of history, religion, language and modern...

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5 reasons to bring your Jewish Studies classroom up to date

By Ji Team | Educational Technology | 0 Comments | 03 February, 2017

Schools may be apprehensive to bring the digital world into the classroom. After all, how can technology help with Jewish Studies? In a class of 20+ students accessing the internet, it may be...

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Introducing educational apps in class as a support tool for parents

By Ji Team | Educational Technology | 0 Comments | 26 January, 2017

It is an unfortunate reality of being a teacher in Jewish Studies that you are not always given a whole lot to work with in class. You can be lacking in course materials and a basic curriculum to...

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How educational apps can help students of different abilities

By Ji Team | Educational Technology | 0 Comments | 23 January, 2017

When teaching Jewish Studies, your role is to give your students the tools they need to embark upon what is ultimately going to be a personal journey toward spiritual and cultural identity. That is...

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How to stay safe when using educational apps for children

By Ji Team | e-safety | 0 Comments | 21 December, 2016

The advent of technology and the internet heralded an explosion of digital content that can be consumed anytime, anywhere and by anybody. What we can do with even the most basic smartphone is...

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Ji features in Jeducation World (eJewishPhilanthropy)

By Ji Team | | 0 Comments | 07 November, 2016

Teaching Juadism in non-Jewish schools just got exciting, with the launch of a collection of top-quality educaitonal apps. Interact With Judaism is the culmination of a collaboration between RE:ONLINE

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Ji Tap Trusted Teachers

By Ji Team | Ji Tap | 0 Comments | 29 September, 2016

If Ji Tap identifies you as a Trusted Teacher – congratulations! It means that we are blown away by your Ji Tap lessons – you’re building quite the collection of quality activities!

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